Friday, February 11, 2011

Pregnant With a Third Grader

Well, as God would have it, it appears I may be back here after all. Yesterday, we began the process of adding another precious Ethiopian daughter to our family. She is 9 and has been waiting for almost 2 years for a family to pick her to call their own. She won't have to wait much longer. This all happened VERY fast and we are still a bit shell-shocked at the thought of having three girls and heading back into the oh-so-exhausting adoption process again, but we know God put her in our path and that she belongs in our family. If all goes as we hope and pray, we will bring her home to join her little sisters late this summer before the start of the next school year. We are in full "manic mode" right now trying to crank out everything on our end to get our paperwork to Ethiopia as soon as is humanly possible. The rest will be in His hands. So, we are now officially "pregnant" - with a third grader. We covet your prayers for Divine Intervention in the frantic paperchase. Details to follow.

Coming soon...Big Miss K.